During his 30 years long career as a professional musician, Beppe Gambetta has always loved to spend time and effort in educational activities: writing guitar books, publishing instructional videos and, most of all, teaching guitar workshops. Highly regarded for both the educational contents and the strong sense of friendship and community that Beppe is able to build with all his students, Beppe’s workshops are appreciated by players from all over the world and with different musical backgrounds: not only flatpickers and Bluegrass players, but also fingerpickers, singer-songwriters and classical players have taken part to the past editions of Beppe’s workshops. Alone or with the help of other world-class teachers (in the long list, names like Dan Crary and Tony McManus are the first that come to mind), Beppe organizes is workshops with both group and one to one lessons; jams and stage exhibitions are always part of the experience. Players of all levels are welcome, but some workshops are more suitable for intermediate to advanced players.